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The Waystone's Toll
The Mercenary had hoped to find rest in the town of Knights Passing.  However, when he arrived, he felt the telltale tension in the air that told him all was not well in this small town.  A week prior, the town's relic known as the Waystone had been stolen, and some of the townsfolk went missing.  Each night since, demons have emerged from the manor of Erstel Krestalor, a wealthy merchant who was among the missing villagers.  The guards have barely managed to fight off the nightly onslaught.  It looks like The Mercenary will have to earn his rest!

Waystone's Toll is a short, standalone Diorama Dungeoncrawl adventure.

Genre: Action-Adventure

Playtime: est. ~20 minutes

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1.01 - Fixed an issue with the forward button being set to the wrong key


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I really enjoyed playing this game. it feels like a gameboy game but instead of 2D it was on 3D. I love the boss fights, the design, the music. but while I was playing I had some issues where I can't move upwards towards the gate kinda thing. but seeing that you already fixed that I think this is a fun action-adventure game :)

p.s game starts at 11:35


Had a lot of fun playing this!


ooh looks cool