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Old-School 3D On-Rails Run'n'Gun Action!

The mining colony of Terroir, though relatively small and isolated, is vitally important to the five interplanetary kingdoms in the sector, due to being their only source for the raw materials which fuel their space vessels. They have remained neutral in the many squabbles between the kingdoms, selling fuel to all sides. Each kingdom knows that if they were to try to take Terroir for their own, the other four kingdoms would put aside their differences to stop them.

However, in the past years, the Argus Empire has been growing in strength, and this balance has been disturbed. Argus ships darkened the skies of Terroir and began their assault. When the City Council attempted to contact the other kingdoms for reinforcements, they found that their signal was being jammed. If they can't send a distress signal, it will be months before the other kingdoms will become aware of the situation, in which time Argus will be able to take control of the city and entrench their defenses.

You volunteer to attempt to take out the Argus Jamming Base. In your path are the mechanized forces of the Argus Empire, who are swarming through the city, sweeping out any resistance. You must fight your way past them and reach that Jamming Base. The city is counting on you!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Howdy! I am interested in buying the game... but I wanted to ask if this game is an x86 or x64 executable? Mainly because I have an ARM PC and x64 apps run badly.... Great work :)

This game is lacking a lot of polish. The controller controls have no dead zone so you can't just move up/down/left/right without wavering like you're drunk. Every time you press start on controller, the mouse cursor is hovering over the middle option. The default mouse sensitivity is like 0.5 dpi and the input menus to change it lag like crazy.

Gameplay wise, there's multiple death pits you can't even see, and most of my deaths were from falling into them, or veering into pits due to the analog controls. The unmarked camera turns also sometimes just throw you off of cliffs. Level 4 was genuinely a bad time due to this. In the last level, after falling down a required pit, I took a sidepath and started progressing through the level backwards and ended up at the start of an alternate path or something.

Pretty much every level ending cutscene had my character running in place. One time the cutscene ended and the boss did another attack before it transitioned to a new level. Level 5 also has a pit under the reused core boss where you can't escape and have to restart checkpoint.

I found something crucial that this game is missing.

In the Controls feature, you can set the Controller mode to "None." That all works perfectly. However, once you have to "respawn" that setting is not stored, so you have to go back, and set the mode back to "None" again.

I hope you'll find a solution for this. I'm rooting for your success!

I should mention, it is possible to plug in 2 controllers (say, one with DualShock recognition, and the other with XInput) and choose which one is activated. This way, the other controller is always set to "None", and that is a successful workaround.

Thanks!  I'll look into it

The camera angle looks kinda off but the game does look pretty interesting. Also i'm guessing you made this using Crocotile 3D? It looks really good : )


Looks awesome! The aesthetic reminds me to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond is unbreakable

LOOKS SO COOL. I'm gonna get this as soon as im not broke.

What are the keyboard and mouse defaults?

WASD - Move

Mouse - Aim/Shoot

Space - Jump

E - Select


It seems like Select is Enter, not E.

I did play through the entire game. The 4th level was quite a challenge!! Luckily, the game wasn't SO difficult that I had to give up my controller and switch to a mouse & keyboard. The sound of shooting a incoming missile was very bold, whereas the sound of taking damage seemed like it should've stood out more. I wish there were more of an ending, but beyond those things, I generally enjoyed this game.