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Pursued through the ruined streets of Los Angeles, harried by a roving Kill Gang, perhaps it was simple survival instinct that drove you to seek shelter. But perhaps it was Fate which drove you to seek shelter in the offices of Wayfarer Inc. In their subterranean laboratories, you discover a machine which opens up a portal to another world. Wayfarer had just had enough time to send one expedition thought the gate before they had evacuated.

Seeking escape from the Kill Gang beating down the doors, you activate the device, open the portal, and step through...

You are greeted by a lush and dangerous world of verdant forest and acid lakes, rocky crags and networks of caves. Up on a high plateau, you see a geodesic dome shimmering under a pink sky. Perhaps if you can reach it, you may find the first expedition... or at least find out what became of them.

And All Would Cry Beware is a old-school-style fast-paced FPS with a Metroidvania structure. Explore a connected world, discover what became of the Lost Expedition. Find new guns which will allow you to reach new areas. Weave through enemy projectiles and take on fearsome bosses.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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So good! I love how exploring intertwines with the weapons you acquire.

This game was pretty rad, much enjoyed

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Thanks you for this very cool game ! 

Loved this game so much! So creative! Is the soundtrack for sale anywhere? It slaps.

Thanks so much!  And, yes, the soundtrack is available on Bandcamp: https://alecstamos.bandcamp.com/album/and-all-would-cry-beware-soundtrack

EXCELLENT! I'm buying it right away, thank you! Also nice Ninja Terminator avatar.